Eddie VPN Client: "Unable to Obtain Elevated Prvileges: Unable to start (already exit)"

KDE Neon 6.0.4.

This issue started to happen only recently, but definitely was evident on KDE 6.0.3.

After about 5 attempts of entering my root password to bypass this, it works.

Any idea what the problem is? I know I am correctly entering my password, so I don’t know why after a number of attempts it finally lets me in.

Also noticed it takes about 3 attempts to get BleachBit with Administrative rights to open, meaning 3 attempts to put in the root pass and get the application to start.

In both cases I’m entering the password correctly. Something isn’t working quite right.

Currently don’t have BleachBit installed but do use Eddie daily, and it’s a bit of a pain having to start the application 4-5 times with the root pass each time before it works.

FYI, I use Eddie with AirVPN. AirVPN is a good service I do recommend, so just about everyone on here should be making use of the Eddie client. If so, are you experiencing the same issue?

This issue is not Eddie releated but instead has to do with KDE Neon because I have the exact same issue with other programs requiring elevated privileges. Surely, then, I am not the only one with this issue where I have to input my password multiple times for the program requiring elevated privileges to accept it? I know the password is correct when it is not accepting it.

For example, I had the issue using Gnome Disks, and I had the issue using Popsicle for flashing a USB. Also had it, as mentioned above, using BleachBit.

Fortunately, this seems fixed after the latest updates.

Apparently I spoke too soon, which is what I was afraid of. I have no idea why sometimes I get through immediately while other times I have to enter the root password 5-6 times before getting through. The Eddie application seems the worst for this, but it happens as well with other situations requiring elevated privileges. By the way, installed KDE Neon fresh the other week using a 6.0.3 ISO. I am fully up to date except for today’s updates. I use X11.

Apart from this, the X11 experience seems very good. I have scaling set at just under 120% for each monitor.