Edit button on the bug tracker

I have been heavily using the kde bug tracker, as I have run into a lot of issues with kde.

And it really bugs me how I cannot edit bugs in the bug tracker. :beetle:

I know there are probably workflow-related reasons for bugs not being reported at kde gitlab.

But not having an edit button is really a huge hindrance, especially for users with language barriers or ADHD. So I would love seeing this fixed.

Unfortunately it’s not a feature that Bugzilla has. We can’t add it.


Hm I got told bugzilla added an edit button a while ago.

Btw having a bugzilla reference and a version number somewhere on bugs.kde.org would have also been neat. :slight_smile:
I kind of assumed this was a self made kde thing as I had not seen another bugzilla before.

Oh: hasn’t been released yet.

The bug report you linked to is about letting authors edit their posts - and is closed as “WONTFIX” (I wasn’t interested enough to follow the reasoning, though from reading the last comment from 4 years ago, it seems that there isn’t).

The ticket for actually editing comments is a different one and that was ostensibly “fixed”, but it requires the editor to have the special permission “edit bugs” which is probably only afforded to admins. I can understand why some people would be loath to have any one just edit comments they made on a public tracker that developers rely on - it can be used to remove important information and then feign ignorance. I know for a fact that these kind of abuses have been happening on the Github issue tracker - even though that one has an edit history feature, which I don’t think Bugzilla has.

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