Editing tutorials recommendations?

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Any editing tutorials either for the kdenlive or general ones? The editing of my videos kinda sucks and I can’t afford an editor so I kinda have to learn it myself. Videotutorials are preferred for me.

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Search for Arkengheist and Nuxttux on YouTube

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Both channels are great for specific stuff, but I’m on the phase of “I don’t know what I don’t know” when it comes to editing and making good edits. So some video that teaches good editing practices would be great, really basic theory stuff.

I hope this is not too basic, but searching for video editing tips results in some good, common-sense tips from all around the internet.

Hello @darkhog,
there really are a lot of tutorials that are ideal for beginners.
It’s not that difficult to google them. You just have to look at them yourself and follow them.
Your questions give the impression that you are looking for others to provide you with the skills - unfortunately this is impossible.
If video editing is completely new to you, then unfortunately you have no choice but to look over the shoulders of experienced people and then try it out for yourself. It may be a little frustrating, but only at the beginning.

So get started, even if it takes hours.

If you then have questions about how to take one step or another - the forum is always there for you, and we will do our best to answer all your questions as clearly as possible.

Try it out - now.

That’s actually quite helpful, thanks!

It’s not a video tutorial but a step by step guide to have your first video: Quick Start — Kdenlive Manual 24.02 documentation

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