Effects and Effects stacks should be saved to the project in addition to the system

I work on projects both at home and at work. The projects are stored in a shared directory that is sync’d over the net. When I save effects, they do not get saved to the project so when I arrive at my office after working on a project the night before, the effects that I worked on are not available and I get errors when opening the project file.

The effects are stored in


I have to manually copy them from machine to machine which is:

  1. A pain
  2. Difficult to remember to do

Because of this, I actually avoid using saved effects which is not a good thing. Not having project level saving for effects deters me from using this wonderful feature.

I propose that effects/effect stacks be saved at the project level as well as global. Or to be able to choose global, local or both locations when saving.

Please log a feature request through Bugzilla. Use “[Feature request]” as the prefix in the short description.