Effects and filters - how to use them

I would enjoy sharing my experiences with my Effects from Kdenlive in this forum.
What format would be suitable for this?

If I always describe one Effects / Filter at a time, then it could be that they would not be collectively visible and findable for the others who need help.
Do you have a suggestion how I could organize this?

But I don’t understand my ideas as the only valid methods, but I am interested in a mutual exchange with suggestions for improvement.

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I am currently working on updating the Kdenlive documentation. Why don’t you collaborate on this by adding your effect/filter description to the documentation? DM me and we can further discuss :wink:

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Your suggestion is great! Everything should be together in one documentation. Anyone who is interested can find everything there.
Only, how could I contribute to it? I don’t know how I could log in or otherwise contribute. If you show me how to do that, I’ll be happy to help.

What do you mean by: DM me and we can further discuss - How to translate this DM?

DM means direct message :wink: As opposed to a reply here in the forum …

It is all described here. Took me a while to get used to git and merge requests and commits but it works quite well. If this is too much for you just send me your effect descriptions and I’ll include it for you.

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Thanks, @micha. I suggest you send me your texts via DM so we can exchange changes without bothering other users and readers :wink: