Embedding a recorded video in a slideshow presentation

Hi everyone, I am a totally newbie. Period.
I have a silly ppt presentation and a video w/audio recorded during the presentation.
Before getting crazy studying the whole manual to discover this is not the right tool to do it… is it just possible to use KDE to create a video by putting some ppt slides one after another together with my already recorded video running continuously in a small window at the bottom of the slides?

You could use obs to record your screen while going through the presentation in the presentation software of your choice and have the video be another input source. Is that what you mean?

Not sure if I get the question. I think you want some slide with an audio visualizer at the bottom, some sort of podcast style…but with visuals ( by lack of better words). If so, I guess your best bet would be to use a video editor. Put all the slides together and add a visualizer effect of sorts. For example with Shotcut:

So that you’ll end up with something like:

If that’s the case, I hope there’s someone here who actually knows how to do it properly.

You could also create the slide first with a tool like Imagination which has a ton of transitioning effects and audio support and run that file in a video editor to add the visualizer effect afterwards.

Hi, not sure I’ve managed to explain myself correctly.

  1. I already have a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. I already have a (poor quality) video with decent audio of… myself lecturing same slides during a public presentation.
    I want to:
    make a NEW video were the slides are the main subject (full screen) and the recorded video (and audio) plays in a little window.
    Hope attached screenshot helps explaining expected result.

Maybe… please have a look at my updated reply. BTW, what is “obs”?

Ooooo, you want pip ( picture in picture). Yeah, this can be done in video editors. Wasn’t it “audio” in the pre-edited post? Anywho, yeah, video editors is a good way to start.
As an example ( just a possibility) I created a picture slideshow with a vid of a girl in a small sub window. In Shotcut video editor that is. The trick will be to match the slide and the comment in the sub video.

OBS studio. If you’ve ever seen a twitch stream where they show content from their computer and have their face cam in one of the corners, they’re likely using obs studio.

Obs cannot only stream, but also record and the input source doesn’t have to be a facecam, it can be a video as well.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try.

Just to say I managed to get exactly what I was looking for in a couple of hours by using OBS Studio. Great freeware software and great suggestion. Thank you guys.

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