Enable Fish (shell) "Alt+S" sudo shortcut in Konsole

How to disable the “Alt+S” shortcut in Konsole that brings up the split-view menu, so that it instead works as sudo shortcut inside my Fish. (almost same as "!! " in Bash)
I have looked in the keyboard shortcut menu in system settings but couldnt find it.

Alt is standard for Menu accelerators… so at first view I’d say that’s a bad choice of shortcut to add sudo really (I know I’m probably wrong… just as I’m wrong with the ‘single click select’ double clicker argument…

It works in a terminal like Kitty or Alacritty because Kitty has no menu. But then it fails on desktops where Alt is reserved to call up menu accelerators.

Is it possible to define another shortcut?

FWIW muscle memory has me doing :arrow_up:Homedoas… I never learned the Alt_S shortcut.

Anyway, it’s a problem with the binding, not with Konsole… so instead of trying to use that binding in Konsole, it’d be worth looking at changing it.

So far you can try the key reader:
❯ fish_key_reader
Press a key:
bind \es ‘do something’

❯ fish_key_reader
Press a key:
bind \cS ‘do something’

So what you need to do is to rebind \eS to \cS to shift Alt to Ctrl.
I’m not sure where to do that though…

Thank you, I’ll have to look into it. what surprises me is that not more have this exact same problem, giving Konsole and Fish are two popular applications. I posted same question on Reddit’s linuxquestions after not getting a reply here after a couple of hours, and still no answer after almost 15hours. I will also look into other terminal emulators, Konsole was just whats came with my distro and I have no close relations with it :slight_smile:

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Well it does seem obvious… however, I never used Alt+S mostly because of my posture, it’s a fairly awkward shortcut - but for sure, there are a LOT of Alt shortcuts not available in Konsole.

Interestingly, I recently brought up the question of dialogues with someone a while back (KDE Dev)…

Specifically it bugged me with moving a heap of files (like moving .config to .configOLD, then selecting all and copying back) - the dialog has many buttons, and one dropdown menu, which is impossible to do keyboard only…

i.e. for a YESNO dialog you should be able to press just Y and N… however, you must press ALT to enable the accelerators.

The dev replied that it’s to add a layer of safety, of deliberation. However, with a dialog this isn’t really required - because if you select ‘No’ (like, I don’t want to save) then a further WARNING should appear saying ‘Are you sure? - you’ll lose your progress’.

I still prefer ALT for accessing many menus, Firefox/Dolphin/Calc etc… but for Konsole, given that shortcuts are already compromised (Ctrl_C/V copy paste, for example) it would make sense to add a simpler setting.

Yes I guess you are right. May I ask what terminal you do use yourself. Have you tried that rust terminal, WesTerm? maybe I’ll check that one out.

If you do not use the split view Button you can remove it from the toolbar. That should disable the accelerator.

There is a setting to disable the accelerator but it does only work for the menubar not for the toolbar (not sure if this is intended). I think its reasonable to have a setting for that aswell.

I meant to look into this because there is also another bug report (not yours) that has issues with the accelerators. Sadly didn’t have the time yet.

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Yes!! Thank you, that worked, did not use that toolbar anyway, it is a very recent clean-install so I had not gotten that far in my configuration yet. And split screen/tiling can still be reached, both from menu and “ctrl+)” This is my first time with KDE, coming from 10 years or so with XFCE, think I will stay with KDE.


I am glad the workaround works for you. I hope you enjoy your stay in the KDE world!

I think there should be a more convenient way to solve this as there are more people having issues with the accelerators and konsole.

Maybe one can make it so a new (empty/un-configured) keyboard shortcut scheme really wipe out all shortcuts in Konsole. If that is something that is possible to implement.

Ah this is great - I hate icons and toolbars for regular things for which it’s trivial to assign shortcuts.

So now we have a cleaner Konsole window, then we must simply remember that the Ctrl then ( and ) can do splits.