Enable KWin background blur on transformed windows

When windows are in a transformed state such as the “genie” effect, when wobbly windows are being moved, or when entering an overview mode, blurred backgrounds for that window are suspended for the duration of that effect. For windows with transparent backgrounds, decorations, etc, this is quite jarring. This task is to ensure KWin background blur works uninterrupted for the visual lifetime of a window.

A semitransparent terminal with background blur enabled may be a good test case.

This bug report references one aspect of this issue:

  • The payment for this work will be $75cad, paid via paypal (willing to work with other payment systems, but need-to-know first).
  • Wayland-only solutions are acceptable.
  • Should work for all out-of-box effects (minimization, wobbling, overviews, etc.)
  • Should work for all apps/themes that use the KWin blur API.
  • Apps not using the KWin blur API are exempted.
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FYI that’s a different issue from transformed windows. With WindowHeap effects, QtQuick takes over drawing the window, and would also need to blur their background.

What’s an example of an app using the KWin blur API?

I’m guessing he means like this: src/controller.cpp · master · Joshua Goins / Konvex · GitLab (This is copied from NeoChat or something else.) It uses KWindowEffects.

I’m not on my regular computer so I can’t test these links, if you see a mysterious edit later it’s because I got home and tested em’.


  • Konsole with background blur enabled.



I understand it being a different issue on a technical level, but from a user/bounty point of view it’s a contributing factor to the same overall problem.

Since it seems this needs to be addressed in multiple pipelines, if multiple developers handle different aspects of this I’ll evenly divide the payout once the work as a whole is complete.