EndeavourOS switched its live and offline installation desktop to KDE Plasma

Goodbye Xfce, hello Plasma

From the start, we shipped our ISOs with a slightly customized Xfce live environment and offline install option. Now, more than four years down the line, it is getting harder for us to keep the customized Xfce live environment maintained against the progress made in the Calamares installer. This is why we are saying goodbye to Xfce and switching to Plasma from Galileo and forward. KDE Plasma offers a more native development experience for the team and therefore it is easier to maintain.

This is the main and only reason for this switch and keep in mind, we are only talking about the live environment and the offline installation option. Every user is free to choose the DE or WM the installer offers. And for those who prefer the offline install option, Plasma can run on most older machines up to ten to twelve years down the line. Plasma isn’t the high-resource environment as it used to be.


The world domination plan proceeds apace


Pretty cool that the emphasis in their post was on the ease for distribution developers to work with Plasma, as I think it’s already a gimme that Plasma would be the natural choice for users to make an easy transition - an intuitive interface and modern styling, plus a great ecosystem.



I just wish they would go with vanilla Plasma instead of their color theme (not that changing it is hard but somehow it just doesn’t feel right).

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