Energy Сonsumption Profie slider in Taskbar don't work after update powerdevil and install ddcutil

Fedora 39 KDE Plasma:
After updating powerdevil (to 5.27.10-3), libddcutil (to 2.1.2) and installing ddcutil (2.1.2-1), the Energy Consumption Profie slider on the Taskbar only blinks and does not switch when trying to switch his.
Fedora 40 KDE Plasma:
After updating Fedora to version 40, powerdevil, libddcutil were updated, and ddcutil was installed. And I have the same behavior of the Energy Consumption Profie slider on the taskbar - it doesn’t work, it just blinks.

Does anyone have the same bug?

I found that disabling DDC/CI (POWERDEVIL_NO_DDCUTIL=1) solved the problem with the power profile slider blinking. I think ddcutil for both Fedora versions (and KDE versions) may contain some bugs.
In Fedora 39, updated powerdevil + installed ddcutil can also lead to slow loading and random dimming of brightness (with the setting disabled). Fedora 40 also boots slower when logging in.