Enhance Color Picker Widget/Better Launch for Kcolorchooser

I like Kcolorchooser’s “Pick Screen Color” mode, which is great to check/assess different colours on hover alone without having to click/reset anything.

It would be awesome if I could do either or both of:

  1. Enable the Color Picker widget to display the color which is under the cursor while hovering.
    In my perfect world, the configuration for this widget would let you select one or more color formats to display floating near the cursor, and/or one to display on the widget while active.

  2. Enable binding a shortcut for Kcolorchooser to launch with “Pick Screen Color” active.

Aha, compare GPicker for improving functions.
Also, needs fixing for Wayland… other pickers work but KColorchooser has no picker on wayland.

The colour picker plasmoid is good, but sadly has no preview or magnification on the picker reticule.

My original post was accompanied by a quick explore of other options.

I assume you’re referring to gpick, and yes it does have a bunch more features, including that you can launch it with “gpick -p” directly into picking mode that has a magnifier and show hex near the cursor on hover.

In using it, I now stand by my suggestion that this would be a great small addition for kcolorchooser and the picker plasmoid - while keeping them otherwise clean and focussed.

Aside: gpick -p launches OK and works well on hover, but to ‘grab’ the color to clipboard you need to spacebar then ESC to get focus back to eg Kate where you might want the hex color.

I think there’s room for a nice, elegant extension of the Plasma tools here (esp. if somebody clever enough is doing work for Wayland).