Error 95 in Krusader after reinstalling OS

I did a fresh install of Pop OS 22.04, installed Krusader, copied my configs over. Everything appears fine except I often get errors when trying to copy files in Krusader now:

Cannot copy file from /drive/test/file.txt to /drive/file.txt. (Errno: 95)

The following shows when running in terminal. (I don’t know if it is related to this issue or not.)

14:13:23.107-warning kf.kio.widgets unknown@0 # Failed to check which JobView API is supported "The name is not activatable"
kf.kio.slaves.file: copy() QUrl("file:///drive/test/file.txt") to QUrl("file:///drive/file.txt") mode= 292
14:13:30.629-warning default unknown@0 # ""

mv, rsync, and other file managers work normally, no other programs that manipulate files on these drives are experiencing errors, so this doesn’t seem to be a drive or filesystem issue.

This issue appears to only occur on my ZFS drives. It did not occur previously.

Edit: Krusader v2.7.2
KDE Frameworks Version 5.92.0
Qt Version 5.15.3 (built against 5.15.3)
The xcb windowing system

Error number 95 is “operation not supported” - ENOTSUP (see errno -l | grep 95), which - from looking at some bug reports, for example this, is likely caused by the use of the copy_file_range() function that is not support by some kernels for ZFS (apparently both very old and very new).

I suggest you report this as a bug in KIO to

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Thank you for your help. I’ve filed a bug report here: 485359 – Krusader reports Error 95 when copying non-zero size files on ZFS filesystems