Error with external LUKS drive

Yesterday, after an usual Discover update on my Neon User Edition installation, my external LUKS EXT4 USB SSD drive stopped being accessible.

If I try to mount it using the USB icon in the System Tray, I get “You are not authorized to mount this device” error.

If I try to mount it trough Dolphin I get “An error occurred while accessing ‘3.6 TiB Encrypted Drive’. the system responded: An unspecified error has occurred: Object does not exist at path “/”

I tried to access it using the live ISO neon-user-20240215-0716.iso and it just works flawlessy.

I wish I was able to give more details, but I’m extremely unfamiliar with Linux.

I use that USB drive very often, so I’m more inclined to think something wrong was in the update.

I was wondering if no one else got into this problem yet.

I’m not in an hurry to use that drive, but any help or info about this issue would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have the same problem, even with a newly created partition.

As a workaround, you can mount it manually:

sudo cryptsetup luksOpen <device (i.e. /dev/sdb1)> <mapper name (i.e. cryptdevice)>
sudo mount /dev/mapper/<mapper name> <mount location (i.e. /mnt)>

I’ll try to find the cause for this issue.


Referring to this [Testing Update] 2024-04-14 - Kernels, KDE Frameworks 6.1, Xorg-Server, InputPlumber - #5 by philm - Testing Updates - Manjaro Linux Forum
if you’re able to downgrade Frameworkls 6.1 to 6.0 you’d work around it.

Thanks for the workaround!

I will be trying this solution, because I also have an external drive encrypted with luks and for about a couple of weeks plasma 6 started showing me that I am not authorized to access the drive, now it asks me for the password, I enter it but it stays like in a loop showing that it is accessing the drive but it does not open it and that affects me to close other programs and it also does not let me turn off the computer, in the end I had to force a power off from the PC button.

Uhm, starting few days ago the issue seems to be fixed on my device.

I’m using Neon User Edition.

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