Event when clicking outside a page pushed on stack

First attempt at using page stack in kirigami.

From a button in a cardlist view i do pagestack.push(page) where page is a scrollable page.

The page put on the stack slides in from the right, around 4/5 into the page, as shown in the attached image.

If i click where the pointer is, the page slides back out, and the card list view is revealed once again.

However, if I click another button, this pops out in the log:

qml: The item ScrollablePage_QMLTYPE_52(0x55765234c120) is already in the PageRow

My questions:

  • How would I, from qml, go about removing the item from the page row.
  • Is there a signal to attach to to catch the click outside the pushed page, or the effect of that click?


It might be helpful to upload the code somewhere as well :slight_smile: