Every time KDE neon gets a system upgrade the grub timer resets to 20-30 seconds!

What can I do to fix this? Well other than running update-grub every other day?

It’s hard to get this across without seeming unhelpful, but IM sincere O, you’ll benefit from this suggestion:

Learn a few (approx 20) lines of grub script, and maintain grub.cfg yourself. Uninstall grub-efi-amd64 so that it doesn’t mess with your boot (but keep grub-efi-amd64-bin).

(The issue here specifically is that the system ignores grub.cfg after running upgrades.)

Uninstall grub-efi-amd64 so that it doesn’t mess with your boot

If you could elaborate why that would be helpful, how that is messing with my system. I’d appreciate that.

No, @Sina is (partially) correct. I have my desktop set such that clicking restart will immediately restart instead of showing the logout screen. However when Discover asks me to restart following updates it does show the logout screen, as well as showing the Grub menu (mine is also set to timeout=0).

So, not being a very technical user, my guess is that clicking restart within Discover calls a different restart routine than that called when the user just clicks restart manually. This also bypasses, somehow, our timeout=0 setting in grub.cfg

Wait. Are you saying that after that one restart it would revert to my normal setting without needing to run update-grub?

That’s what happens on my system, yes.

Neon just pushed a system update & I tested this & you are 100% right. I made a mountain out of a molehill. Thank you! It did really not compute that from the second restart onward it could revert to normal.

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My pleasure, and your thread isn’t a waste of time; it has exposed a potential bug in Discover. In my opinion clicking restart in Discover should do exactly the same as clicking restart normally, unless there’s a good reason I’m not aware of. :slight_smile:

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There is no difference, It’s like Discover updates trigger a flag that launch an alt grub at next reboot, it happens even if /reboot is used.

There is a difference, because if I click restart in Discover I get the logout confirmation screen. I don’t if I manually restart.

If you are using the Offline Updates feature (enabled by default in KDE neon) you actually reboot into a low level session just for the updates to be installed from. Then you reboot back to a normal mode. More detail.

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Ah, that certainly explains the difference. Thanks!