Exclusionary syntax in filter bar

Hi, first of all thank you for this great tool.
I spent a lot of time trying to find documentation about the syntax of the filter bar. Unfortunately without success.
I need an exclusionary filter. Similar to *[!foo]. This only works if foo is at the end of the name, not in the middle. Attempts with [!foo] a.s.o don’t work. In general, the results for filtering in *[xxx] or similar are surprising and incomprehensible.
My Question:

Is there a description of the filter bar syntax?

Google regex doesn’t work. Thanks in advance

I can tell you from code it follows, what is documented at : QRegularExpression Class | Qt Core 6.7.1

It starts to interpret the input as a glob pattern, if the filter contains ? * or [ and the pattern is valid.

Unfortunately this does not support what you need, it seems.
This syntax can negative match only at the start or the end.

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how would *[!f][!o][!o]* behave?

does the order of the bracketed characters count? wouldn’t this match everything as long as it doesn’t have a “foo” in it somewhere?

still trying to warp my head around regex and it’s kin.

As long as it contains * at end and start, anything is matched.

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