Expect kde connect battery plug-ins to return

There is a lack of power plug-in in the latest version of kde-connect (24.02.0) in the Microsoft App Store. After reading the forum and other channels, I saw that the plug-in had to be removed because of a previous bug. I am not sure if it is because I used There is a problem with the settings during the process. This function cannot be used normally in the Windows Store version and the offline version (23.08.1). Currently, the Android version is 1.29 (Android Q). The daily power information has a great impact on the use, especially on mobile phones. In usage scenarios where I am not around to charge, I am looking forward to the return of the battery plug-in, or is there any friend who can give me a usable solution?

Question. Does the battery plugin you want mean that the Windows laptop is telling everyone else about its battery status, or asking your other devices about theirs?