EXR files/Image Sequence import not working?


I’m new to kdenlive and it’s going great so far! : )

Recently I tried importing some .Exr image sequences using the “add image sequence” button in the project bin.

But the project bin returns a “Cannot open file qimage:(file path).all.exr” error.

I also tried to import one of the .exr files from the sequence manually. A prompt tells me to transcode the image. But I also got no result from this. Nothing appears in the project bin.

The exr files have DWAA compression if that helps.

Debug Info

Installed Kdenlive with official installer

Kdenlive: 24.02.2

Package Type: Unknown/Default

MLT: 7.23.0

Qt: 6.6.2 (built against 6.6.2 x86_64-little_endian-llp64)

Frameworks: 6.0.0

System: Windows 11 Version 22H2

Kernel: winnt 10.0.22621

CPU: x86_64

Windowing System: windows


Movit (GPU): disabled

Track Compositing: frei0r.cairoblend

I can answer half your question, I think.

Importing an image sequence is for when you have files (say generated from an animation program) in a folder that look like this:


Kdenlive will import them as a single animated clip.

It is not for importing a single image file with an embedded animation.