External monitor goes black when power cable is plugged in

Hello everybody, I am currently using Opensuse Tumbelweed with an external monitor. Every thing works as expected until I plug in the power cable at that point my external monitor goes black.

I have a dual boot with debian 12 running plasma 5. I worked normally, so it safe to assume that it is a software problem. To further narrow down, I live booted into kde neon, which also has plasma 6. It worked okayish. There were fluctuations but the screen did not go completely black. I also noticed a message on my monitor when it goes black that previously skipped my attention. It said that either my resolution or the refresh rate has changed. I more inclined to believe that this is a plasma 6 bug. Any help?

If it works on neon, it might be a Tumbleweed bug, just a guess.