Face recognition considering meta data

I am currently face-tagging my foto collection having many pictures of my kids in all ages. They all look the same between 0 and 5 years or so :wink: Wouldn’t it be a smart idea to combine face recognition with a persons other data (birth date to be filed in the properties of a name tag) to say who it is? I have a e.g. my son at age 4 holding my daughter as baby and it tags chaotic but obviosuly on a pic from a certain year it cannot be the person having a certain age at that year and it must be one of the other babies in the database (assuming the face recognition can identify to some extent the similaritiy between baby pictures collected for one person). Also it sometimes tags two persons on a pic with the same name. Some logic behind forbidding that could improve again the hit rate of recognition.

Are others defining kids with different tags, like “kid1 age 0-3”, “kid1 agre 4-10” or so to improve hit rate?