Failed Offline Update

Sometime ago, when running Kubuntu 22.04.03 LTS, I got a dialog box with the message "Failed Offline Update and two options - Open Discover and Repair system. Neither button appeared to do anything. I reported it but was told that the KDE code in that version of Kubuntu were to old and to reconnect after upgrading to something newer.

Additional messages in the dialog are “Failed to update 1 package” and “The transaction did not complete”

I now have upgraded to Kubuntu 23.10 and have the same results. The dialog appears when I first log in. Repair System doesn’t appear to fix anything. Open Discover does do that but I don’t see any indication of what package it’s concerned about.

Looking for guidance on how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.

i fall back to synaptic when discover has any issues, or just i just need more visibility

in synaptic you can easily make sure you have all the default repositories turned on and update your database.

under the Custom Filters you can also sort by “broken” or “missing recommends”

under Status you can sort by installed several different ways and it will show which items are upgradable.

I would suggest disabling offline updates at least temporarily, and see if that keeps this from happening. if nothing else, you may see better error messaging output, or at least be able to use apt (or Muon/Synaptic) and see full error content on what may be happening. You might also look at log files for dpkg and apt in /var/log to and search for errors there. I am not sure if offline updates records things there or not.

Thanks to both of you for your responses. I would not have considered Synaptic as a solution but I did get things fixed using it. While I’m not 100% sure exactly what step solved the problem (because I had to log out and back in to test) my suspicion is that it was re-enabling a couple of repositories that were most probably disabled during the dist-upgrade.