Falkon bookmark (non)-managment

Before going into it, I first came to this page with Falkon only to be told that it was not supported???. Isn’t Falkon THE kde web navigator?

I like (would like because not a single web navigator offers the RIGHT) to have complete control of my bookmarks including the ability to not just delete all bookmarks that are not of my own making but to nix in advance the creation of any except by ME. Falkon lets me import from an html file but then burries it at the botom of a labyrinth in addition to the fact that the Bookmark ‘menu’ entry is even lower on the same dropdown menu list rather than in a CONVENTIONAL top menu-bar which I find indispensable.

Addendum: I like the idea of a kde web-navigator, I currently use about 9 of them in witness of the extreme instability of my relationship with the genre! So I’d love to see this menu thing fixed. Of no less importance is the DRM placarding topic

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what version of falkon are you looking at?

my version is 22.04 and the bookmarks seem to work exactly like those in firefox with separate folders for the toolbar and everything else, and you can turn on the bookmarks toolbar under the view menu.

importing html will always appear as a new folder which you can then manage from the bookmark manager… there does not seem to be a backup/restore function tho, if that’s what you are after.

using the STAR icon (or Ctrl-D) and choosing Add to Bookmarks (or OK) will place the new bookmark in the folder selected and it remembers you last selection.

the difference between using the STAR and using Ctrl-D is that STAR will only let you keep one copy of a given bookmark, where Ctrl-D will allow you to save more than one copy.

I boot a different distro every day of the week and most have a different version of Falkon. Aside from excursions Sundays are AvLinux days and here I have Falkon-23.08.1 with QtWebEngine-5.15.2 on an XFCE desktop but I could not use it to reply because page scrolling is dead. So I’m writing with Firefox.

I see the imported folder which on this AvLinux system survives a reboot, so far so good, on some other systems it does not. The Bookmarks tree looks like this:

Bookmarks > Bookmarks this page
Bookmarks > Bookmark All Tabs
Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks
Bookmarks > Bookmarks Toolbar > Empty
Bookmarks > Unsorted-Bookmarks > HTML-Import > 0-keepers (first folder)

Since 90% of the time I click the Bookmarks menu it is to click one of my bookmarks I would expect the TOP item to be “0-Keepers”

The next 8% of the time I click the Bookmarks menu item to bookmark a page I’m visiting so that is what I would expect the second menu item to be i.e. “Bookmark this page” (we visit and bookmark web pages, not tabs).

The remaining 2% of the time I click BM to manage or organize my bookmarks so I would expect that to be the 3rd and last item.

I lieu of the above as canned offerings (I realize that not everyone wants things laid out the same way) I would like to have much more control over what and where is going to be shown if at all.

When it comes to organizing the bookmarks that I have imported, I don’t see any method to move them around to another folder, or to rename the hosting folder. I can create a new folder or separator but I cannot move items or folders elsewhere nor rename the folder nor remove parent folders as such that I have no use for.

Sundays are AvLinux days: Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye),
Kernel=6.5.10-1-liquorix-amd64 on x86_64,DM=Unknown,
DE=XFCE, ST=x11,grub2, GPT, BIOS-boot

so your first issue is with the order of the items under the bookmarks menu item because you always use that menu and never use any of the other ways to get at your bookmarks?

the only thing you really have control over in that menu is the order of the bookmarks in the bookmarks folders, unless you want to compile it yourself.

for reference, the order in firefox is only slightly different in that they swap manage Ctrl-Shift-O with create Ctrl-D, but all of the actual bookmarks are listed at the bottom of the menu in the order you set under either browser.

what it sounds like is your installation of falkon is borked somehow because when i go to manage bookmarks, i can rename and drag and drop anything and everything where ever i want it.

do you even get a new window when you use Ctrl-Shift-O?

do you get the sidebar when you use Ctrl-Shift-B?

i can also drag and drop bookmarks and folders using the sidebar as well (can’t rename tho)… firefox didn’t even have that for the longest time.

What I would like to see is

Bookmarks (in MENU bar)
> My first bookmarks folder
> Other Bookmark folders
_ single item in folder root
_ other single items in folder root
Bookmark this page
Manage Bookmarks

The pasting from the imported bookmarks folder worked thank you, but only the bookmarks in folders got imported, the other line items not in folders did not.

I do regularly build some monumental FUBARS when I try to force some app present on all my distros to use a single user folder or config on a remote partition. This works nicely with some like gftp, sylpheed, nedit, pan, etc. but not with most other apps and in this case it was not a factor since I have just begun to kick Falkon’s tires. When it’s ready I’ll try it in the role of the default web-navigator especially if a regular bookmarks FILE becomes optional, located wherever I want to put it, as well as some optional similar alternative and much simplified method for so called profiles.


This was on November 26 and I then posted a short response to it but that was likely on another system. So today when I boot this Tumbleweed bleeding edge for the first time since before then I get a notification popup in Firefox (of your response). At first I thought it was an annunciation from my mailer (Sylpheed) but when I went to look it became obvious that it was a FF move. This POS is moving in on territory it has no business in!

Also, I think the incident makes it obvious that the multi-app environment will never again be the only one to cater to as the multi-OS one gallops to the fore, after all aren’t OS’es just plugins for one’s favorite apps?


Oh BTW, I spotted a flash here about not getting any notifications because I’m the originator, starting to get confused…

i don’t know what any of that means.