Falkon (browser)

Hi, new here and it’s different to message boards I’ve used previously so apologies in advance if I get it wrong.

Using Firefox as in Falkon I get the " Unfortunately, your browser is unsupported. Please switch to a supported browser to view rich content, log in and reply." OK, I’ve read the workaround but hey, come on guys.

OK, some questions, some of which may have been asked before:

  1. Could Adblock be replaced by uBlock Origin, generally recognised as the best content blocker available.
  2. In Firefox you can post a link to a youtube video on a message board and it will show and play on the message board. In Falkon there’s a grey box with an image of a jigsaw piece and the message “This plug-in is not supported”. How can I get youtube videos to show and play?
  3. The current version of Linux Mint (21.3) offers Falkon 3.2.0 as a System Package released 31/01/2022 whereas the Flatpak version is 23.08.4. While Flatpak has its uses it’s making Linux bloated, like Windows. Can Falkon be released as a deb version?
  4. Any plans for a dedicated Falkon forum (message board)? Or a forum slot on a PC-related board?


PS It took a lot of effort to find you to ask these questions.

Currently this is not (easily) possible (see comment 4): 458645 – Adblock is absolutely useless in the current state

Haven’t looked into this, but my guess this is again an issue with QTWebengine.

That’s just the way Mint packages things, nothing we can do here.

If you want to have more up to date packages either switch to a distribution which does more frequent updates or ask on the forum of your distribution how to do so.

I think Kubuntu has a KDE backports repository but I don’t know if this works on Mint. Or you could build from source if you do not want snap/flatpaks.

Not sure If I understand this correctly, but I don’t think so.

That’s unfortunate. If you can tell us why it was difficult someone could maybe fix it.

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Duha, thank you very much for taking the time to reply, it’s appreciated.

From memory, I get the same or similar “Plug-in not supported” message with youtube videos in Chrome, one reason why I’m looking for an alternative (that’s not based on Chromium).

Only had a quick play with it but there doesn’t seem a great difference between the two Falkon versions in actual use so I’ll use the System Package version as a back-up browser, I rather like it and hope it continues to be developed.

There should be a big feature release on 28. February for Falkon (switching to qt6).

If you can link me to an example where there is an “Plugin not suported” I can check for you if it works with the qt6 version of Falkon.

It’s the 5th post, ‘Merry Christmas from ARK - Animal Rescue Kefalonia’

Thanks for that bit of news, Duha, I look forward to the new version.

You may be just missing features on the OS level.

Flatpak adds libraries yes, but they are completely managed, can all be uninstalled, do not run in the background etc. No, not "like Windows.

Only in the way that you can ship apps that work everywhere.

Uninstall that version of Falkon. Using such an outdated browser is a security risk.

If you want updated software but avoid old runtimes, you may want to add the flathub-verified repo, but it is missing many packages. 800+ are official.

Flatpaks solve many problems, in that you have an app, and it is the same on any Distro. Like, all problems you have (apart from Websites randomly blocking you depending on the Useragent) would be fixed if you checked that the version your Distro packages is at least a reasonably up to date.

If you are on a “stable” Distro like Mint, get your Apps as Flatpaks. This goes for (K)ubuntu, Opensuse, Fedora too. They all have individual packaging errors in some package, while those are often gone in the Flatpaks.

Thanks, kenning. I appreciate that Flatpaks enable distro devs to concentrate on important things such as developing the distro, having a life, etc (not necessarily in that order). I’d like to give the forthcoming Falkon version a try so Flatpak it will be.

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Hi, any news of the 24.02.0 release on Flathub? I can’t find it anywhere despite it being labelled as released on 28/02/24 here Falkon - KDE Applications

Became available today via Flathub update.