FAQ needs update

The Neon FAQs say:

Can I turn Kubuntu into KDE neon with a PPA?

We recommend that you install a fresh KDE neon from the provided ISO images. But you can indeed add an APT repository to switch from Kubuntu to KDE neon. This is absolutely not tested or supported. If things take a turn for the worse you are expected to be knowledgable enough to repair your system on your own. A web search should quickly give you relevant information on how to do this.
But this is no longer accurate. Searching the web results in several conflicting & outdated PPA references. None of PPAs that I found reference to, were still functional. This should link to a functioning PPA, if one exists.

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What part of the text of that FAQ entry is inaccurate? I’m not seeing the problem. Can you point out exactly what’s wrong?

In short, that specific FAQ needs to link to the correct PPA. Because using Google does not get people to the correct PPA; Google links to web articles that are just plain wrong.
Also, Searching Launchpad for “Neon” shows several other results, but nothing that appears to be correct: Personal Package Archives : Ubuntu


The FAQ deliberately does not link to a specific PPA because this is an unsupported and dangerous thing to do. It’s essentially saying, “if you want to try to do it anyway, you’re on your own.”

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It is better to preserve your Kubuntu home dir, and simply install Neon clean. Right now, Neon is about as up-to-date as Kubuntu system wise, and of course, fully up-to-date for Plasma and KDE apps. That is what I did, and it preserved all my settings, desktop layout, widgets, etc.

I’m not arguing people should try to upgrade, that’s above my pay grade.
But we can’t send people on a merry chase for information we-already-know to be wrong and/or missing. Let’s either remove the misleading sentence about doing an internet search, or put-up accurate information.


The sentence about doing an internet search isn’t misleading. If you want to do this dangerous and unsupported thing, an internet search can indeed be a part of your research process into how to do it. But of course the accuracy of the information you find on the internet can never be guaranteed. We don’t know whether information you’ll find is wrong, or right, or in any other state. Its state is unknowable and depends on the world around you as well as your internet research skills. This is a part of the reason why overlaying Neon repos on top of your Kubuntu is unsupported and discouraged.

Essentially, if you find yourself finding bad information and being unable to find better information, it should be a warning sign that you probably shouldn’t be doing this. You’ll blow up your system and not know how to recover.