Farewell for now, again

I write this with a heavy heart. Exactly one year ago I lost my beloved job. That was all me, I had a terrible run of bad luck with COVID and I never caught up. In the last year, I have taken on several new projects to re-create a new image for myself and to make up for the previous year, and I believe I worked very hard in doing so. Unfortunately, my seemingly good interviews have not ended in a job. One potential job I did not put as much effort into as I should have because I put all my cards into a project that didn’t quite turn out as expected. I do hope it still goes through for the KDE community as a whole, because well it is really cool, but it isn’t the job I thought. I have been relying purely on donations for survival and it simply isn’t enough. I am faced once again with no internet to even do my open source work ( Snaps, KDE neon, Debian and everything that links to those ). I simply can’t put the burden of my stubbornness on my family any longer. Bills are long over due, we have learned to live without many things, but the stress of essential bills, living expenses going unpaid is simply too much. I do thank each and every one of you that has contributed to my fundraisers. It means the world to me that people do care. It just isn’t enough. So with the sunset of Witch Wells, I am sun setting my software career for now and will be looking for something, anything local just to pay some bills, calm our nerves and hopefully find some happiness again. I am tired, broke, stressed out and burned out. I will be back when I can breathe again with my finances.

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I’ve been following your Snapcraft stuff and making sure it’s merged in a timely manner, and I was really happy to see that we had many well maintained Snap packages. I didn’t know you were out of a job, and it was this bad. Unfortunate that it’s a really common story right now :frowning:

I wish you all the best, I’m sure it will turn around soon!

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Really sorry to hear about the challenges you’ve been facing. Also thank you for sharing these experiences here. It’s an important reminder of the sacrifices and human stories behind the software we enjoy in the Linux community. Of course I regret the loss of your contributions to KDE apps on Snapcraft. But more so, I hope that this shift in focus brings you some much-needed stability and a renewed sense of well-being.

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It is sad to hear about another artist who is forced by life to do some profanatory job…

Although I am not the biggest fan of Snaps for desktop computers I guess someone “had to do it”.
Thank you for doing that and much more.

Best of luck to you!

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Best of lucks, Scarlett.
Solidarity and understanding from Argentina.