Fatal error shrinking ntfs parition

I shrank one of my partitions on Nov 26 by moving the left side of it, after that operation the log said that there’s a fatal error. And indeed, I could no longer visit the file in that partition.
Here’s what ls and dust show:

okular trying to open a pdf shows only strange codes

I’ve ran commands like chkdsk \f in Windows but was useless, does anybody have any suggestions on recovering my data?

There are programs in Windows that belong at the beginning of the partition. You can shrink a working NTFS partition, but not from the left side. Sometimes you even have to remove the swap file to shrink the partition from the right and put it back afterward.

Sadly, it’s done. Stick a fork in it.

I hope you had a back up of your files before messing with the partition.


I hope you can find some recovery program that will allow you to grab some of your files. There are several for Windows that work well. I have used them to help friends recover photos they had deleted.

I don’t know the names of any for Linux or Windows, but it should not be too hard to find some.

I think I used one a few years back in Windows called Recuva. it was simple and worked.

Thx for ur reply!
Indeed I should be more careful and make backups before such dangerous operations.
Unfortunately recuva wasn’t able to recover that, nor do other free tools I found. A backup of that partition 3 yrs ago was found in one of my portable hard drives.

I should have set up cron and kopia making backups, really. :face_exhaling:

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