[Feature] Allow Screen shot utilities to do the same thing as Spectacle

Allow screenshot tools like Ksnip, and flameshot to use Rect Area.

Its annoying having to use Spectacle, when it doesn’t fit what I need. Ksnip fits it perfectly. Only issue is its unusable on Wayland KDE.

Developer said himself its up to Desktop managers to implement this. Gnome already has, KDE plasma needs to catch up!
github com/ksnip/ksnip/issues/976#issuecomment-1586762320

What does GNOME already have that KWin lacks?

ehm… flameshot works?

Flame shots approach is a hacky one. Which doesn’t work on my system with 2 monitor setup with a 2k and 1080p display. It completely fails.

I believe the compositor is locked down to only allow Spectacle to do screen grabbing (i.e rect area, last rect area etc.)

I’m not a developer, nor know much about this topic. But the developer of Ksnip said himself its up to the compositor to allow or disallow it. Gnome currently allows Ksnip to do Rect Area, last rect area. Etc. KDE does not. Its limited to Spectacle


Gnome 40, which is Fedora 34… Meanwhile we are at Fedora 40 with Gnome 46.

I’m not saying this shouldn’t be a valid request but please use some correct facts, first flameshot now Gnome.