Feature request: Better Breeze Dark GTK theme?

I’ve been using KDE with Breeze Dark (both Qt and GTK themes), however I’ve noticed a lot of inconsistencies.

In order to do a proper comparison I used Kirigami Gallery for the Qt theme and Widget Factory (GTK4) for the GTK theme.
I did try modifying the theme myself, however I never managed to remove the gradient from the buttons. (is it part of an asset? in the Sass code?)

  • Buttons: Buttons (togglebutton and also switches) have a gradient texture with the GTK theme but not with the Qt theme. This gradient only shows when the button isn’t hovered.
  • Dialogs: Dialogs don’t look the same at all (GTK dialogs look a lot like Adwaita-style dialogs with buttons centered in the middle while Qt dialogs have two buttons at the bottom right)
  • Progress bars: Indeterminate progress bars have a “infinite” texture on Qt but are just a cursor going back and forth on GTK
  • Tabs: Tabs are pretty ugly on GTK: on GTK the unselected tab background color is very different from the Qt one and uses a light color
  • Switcher: The GTK stackswitcher should use the Qt “Navigation Tab Bar” design as they server the same purpose
  • Inputs: The placeholder text color on GTK is brighter than on Qt
  • Toolbar actions: GTK toolbar buttons have a border but not Qt toolbar buttons
  • Lists: GTK list view inline headers (bold white) are not consistent with Qt headers (dimmed with a line)
  • Text styles: Text styles are inconsistent (often bigger on GTK)

I’ll try fixing some of these, and I think it would be nice to have a perfect consistency between Qt and GTK apps. I highlighted the most important issues (in my opinion, they really bother me whenever I use a GTK app).

Thanks to the KDE team and contributors who did a great job! I’m kind of nitpicking here, and they already did so much :slight_smile: