Feature request: Bulk ripping discs in K3b without needing user interaction with the GUI

It would be really helpful if there was an option to have K3b rip discs in bulk.
Something like:

  1. User presets ripping options
  2. User clicks “Start Ripping”
  3. K3b waits for a disc
  4. User inserts disc
  5. K3b automatically reads and rips the disc
  6. When the user hears the ping, the user removes the disc and replaces it with another
  7. goto 5 until satisfied
  8. User clicks “Stop Ripping”

This would make ripping a ton of discs a lot easier. The user wouldn’t have to wait for K3b to detect the disc and manually click “Start Ripping” for every disc, so they can work on something else in the meantime without having to take as much focus away from it.