[Feature Request] Changing the light and dark desktop theme options on the settings home page by the user

It would be useful to be able to change the light and dark version of the desktop theme on the settings home page (not just the hardcoded options) by the user. And have an icon in the taskbar to switch between the light and dark version of the desktop theme with one click and/or along with automatically enabling/disabling the night color scheme.

You could make a desktop application to switch to whatever global theme,color scheme, plasma theme…you like.

I think, this feature will seeing more native in visual design as system feature but not parted application.

I think the “Brightness and Color” applet would be a good spot to put a dark mode toggle.

I think so too.

Lookandfeel used to be usable for just changing overall dark and light breeze ( color, window decoration,…)
But that’s about all it does. Don’t even know if that still works on 6.
You could make a standalone desktop application or integrate it in some settings menu.
Oh well, guess someone will come up with a proper toggle.

Why would it be useful to have this on the taskbar? I see it as a preference thing & once I have selected my preference I don’t need to change it.
Fair-dos if people do want a convenient button to switch between the two though.