Feature Request: Enable Seamless Fingerprint Authentication on SDDM Login Screen

Hello KDE community!

I’m an enthusiastic user of Manjaro with KDE Plasma desktop environment. Recently, I’ve been exploring the possibilities of setting up fingerprint authentication on Manjaro KDE, and while I’ve made some progress, I encountered an issue with fingerprint authentication not working on the SDDM login screen or other areas.

The following steps were taken to set up fingerprint authentication:

  1. Installed the required packages:
sudo pacman -S fprintd libfprint
  1. Started and enabled the fprintd service:
sudo systemctl start fprintd.service
sudo systemctl enable fprintd.service
  1. Fixed an issue during enablement:
  • Edited the fprintd.service file:
sudo systemctl edit --full --force fprintd.service
  • Added the following lines under the [Install] section:
  • Reloaded the systemd configuration:
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  1. Verified the status of the fprintd service:
sudo systemctl status fprintd.service
  1. Enrolled my fingerprint:
  • Enabled the fprintd service:
sudo systemctl enable fprintd.service
  1. Edited the /etc/sddm.conf file:
sudo nano /etc/sddm.conf
  • Added the following configuration under the [General] section:
  1. Edited the /etc/pam.d/sddm file:
sudo nano /etc/pam.d/sddm
  • Added the following line:
auth sufficient pam_fprintd.so

Although I successfully registered my fingerprint, after restarting the system, fingerprint authentication still doesn’t function on the SDDM login screen. I have to manually log in using another authentication method.

Therefore, I would like to kindly request the KDE community to consider the following feature:

Feature Request:

  • Enable seamless fingerprint authentication on the SDDM login screen.

I understand that the Plasma desktop environment and its components, including SDDM, are developed by KDE. I’m grateful for the exceptional work and dedication of the KDE community, and I believe that enabling fingerprint authentication on the SDDM login screen would be a valuable addition to the desktop environment.

For more details and previous discussions, you can refer to my previous post on the Manjaro Forum: KDE Plasma Fingerprint Login.

Thank you all for your time and dedication to the development of KDE Plasma. I’m looking forward to your support and assistance in resolving this fingerprint authentication issue.

Please use bugs.kde.org or the Brainstorm category for discussions related to feature requests

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Afaik this should work already. Did you follow SDDM - ArchWiki

Also this might helpful: Fingerprint or password authentication on lock screen

Note that SDDM isnt part of KDE (yet).

€: moved it to the help category. Please change if you think it fits better in another category

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As per the suggestion of @aronkvh can you move this to bugs.kde.org

There’s no reason why Aron should do it, it’s free to create an account :slight_smile: You would know better than him what you want as well. I would also recommend looking into the links provided, I haven’t tried fingerprint on SDDM but this sounds like a solved problem.

Not quite a fully solved problem; we don’t have a GUI to enable it in Plasma so you have to do some manual configuration, and the UX isn’t ideal. But, as a sort of “well it works I guess” proof of concept, it can be considered to be working. :slight_smile:

Hopefully moving SDDM to KDE will make it easier for us to integrate fingerprint support seamlessly.


Thank you for sharing the progress on fingerprint authentication in KDE Plasma. It’s encouraging to see it working as a proof of concept, despite manual configuration. Excited about the potential of moving SDDM to KDE for better integration and a seamless authentication experience. Your dedication to enhancing user experience is commendable, and I eagerly anticipate further developments within the KDE community.

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