Feature Request: Gwenview: One-click proportional image resizing

Maybe there are not many people affected, but I do resize images very often. I save photos from my phone in 8000 × 6000 pixels, but when I want to share them, I resize them to 50 % or 33 % of the original size, so that I do not end up sending a 10 MB file but rather a roughly 1 MB file.

This means that I always have to open the image, press Resize, press Tab twice, write “33”, Enter and Save. What I would love is if there was an extended panel right next to the Resize option with some common options like I mentioned. Or maybe it could be configurable.

I think that would be better served in a set of options when you send images (i.e. select and send, then be prompted for ‘Original’ then ‘Compressed’ then ‘Resize’ and put in maybe a max dimension, or a % size.

I open the files from Dolphin, resize them in Gwenview and the drag & drop tehm again from Dolphin into Firefox (FB / Discord and so on).

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The thing is, we have huge original files… so we need to select and copy a selection (to send) into an EDIT folder, then batch resize them all.

However, to do them one by one, it’s gonna be F7 (Copy to…) Enter to get some disposable copies… after that, if there’s a bunch, then some quick script to imagemagik them:

In Dolphin, hit F4 and do the script:

for img in "$dir"/*; do
    base=$(basename "$img")
    # Resize the image to 33% and save as JPEG
    convert "$img" -resize 33% "$dir/${base}.jpg"

You can install a service menu usable from dolphin context menu.
Like: Resize images - KDE Store

It is translated only in english and german, but you translate it easily enough.

You just to install mogrify part of imagemagick.

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Haha yes, easy solution.

Also there’s a GUI app called ‘converseen’ which does batch imagemagik.

It is not FOSS.

At least it supports many platform but can be trusted only as much as one can trust proprietary software.

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Yes, I should have looked further - but I wouldn’t be interested… I just tried the Dolphin extension and it’s really very good (so quick, I didn’t think it had worked).