Feature request: inches of mercury (inHg) kweather

There are two options for Pressure Units in kweather. Requesting a third which can be based off of one of the existing options with a little math. For those of us in USA and aviation weather reports, which use inHg can be found by dividing the mmHg by 25.4, usually displayed 2x2, ie “30.29”.

Arch Linux, Plasma 6, Weather 24.02.1

Speak for your self–I have lived in the US* for the last 53 years and this is the first time I have ever heard of anyone using inches of Hg!

I don’t know why there isn’t any reason why we couldn’t unleash GNU Units and let people pick what they want. It would make a lot more sense than trying to bind it to where people live.

I don’t recall ever not using the metric system. Even back in high school, in chemistry and physics we used either mmHg/torr, pascals, atmospheres (and in medicine we still do use cm of H2O mostly because it’s easy to measure/estimate) and we did learn to covert from PSI to ATM, but the only time I ever used PSI that was filling up my tires.

But, I do happen to know that the weather widget I recently set up (Plasma 6) did have inches of Hg. I just didn’t realize there was anyone left who still used it! (You might just need to update to Plasma 6).

Now if we only could get Marble to support rods, chains, furlongs, and leagues (nautical and statute), then we would be making progress.

*The metric system was initially advocated by Jefferson (pirates stole the standards en route to the US from Paris, however), and used by the coast guard for geodetic survey in the 1820s, but not officially adopted by congress until 1866.

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Yeah aviation is weird. Visibility in Statute Miles, wind in Knots, pressure inHg, and time in Zulu. Also I thought all barometers were inHg until I just did a google image search and saw hPa and mmHg on some.

TIL: A furlong was the distance a team of oxen could plough without resting.