Feature request: modifying PDF pages with Okular

In Okular, I miss the functionality to modify PDF pages (e.g. rearranging & deleting them as well as merging two PDF files into one).

There’s a useful gnome app called ‘PDF Arranger’ (based on pikepdf) which does exactly that, basically I’d like to see the same features in Okular.

I didn’t request this at bugs.kde.org yet, because it feels like there probably is a discussion about this already. I couldn’t find it though.


Being able to Edit PDFs, such being able to add the electronic copy of one’s signature to the Document, would also be nice. This can be done in LibreOffice Draw, but I would typically have the Document open in Okular.


To my knowledge, Okular’s former maintainer is not in favor of adding these features to Okular. Personally, I am.

But ultimately, code talks; the best way for it to eventually happen is for someone to submit a well-written and well-tested patch to make it happen and advocate in favor of it.


There are two hearts beating in my body.
Once I love apps which provide a simple feature set well and easy designed, which brings a high efficiency at the usage. Especially due to the fact, that pdftk on konsole works fine, simple and efficient,
But on the other hand, it is OK if the feature is easy available, especially if you need to work with scanned documents (as PDF). Sometimes there is the need to sort the results in a different way, rotate or replace not well scanned pages easily.

Okular is pretty good as a PDF reader on Linux - almost as good as Acrobat but it is missing the editing functionality. Do you think we can try asking developers who worked on PDF Arranger or PDF Chain (pdftk) to add these functionalities by contributing to Okular?

I don’t see an option within Okular that will allow us to add third party plugins to bring these editing functionality into Okular.

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The question is whether Okular’s contributors would accept the contributions.

I’m an infrequent contributor to Okular and would appreciate it, but I can’t speak for others.

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