Feature Request: Transfer Option To Edit Both Sides

Currently, when editing the To or From information on a transfer, only one side of the transfer is affected. There should be an option to automatically change both sides.

You need to be more specific, as many parts of a transaction are stored in the transaction itself, and so are always the same for both sides. I am assuming you are talking specifically about the memo, as that is stored separately in each split, and (currently) editing one does not change the other (or the memo in the transaction itself.) I’ll have to check, but I have a vague memory that there is already a wishlist filed for this issue. I agree that, if nothing else, the user should always be warned/informed if the memo (and perhaps other fields) are edited in a way they now differ between the splits. Tags are also stored per split, but I would argue those should not necessarily always be the same for all splits in a transaction.

I was specifically talking about the “Pay to” or “From” entry. The issue is that we have many students at a school who pay their fees at a bank. When recording the transaction from the Bank deposit, we show the amount as a transfer from the Bank Account to offset the the invoice in the Student Account.

Our Bursar likes to duplicate the transfer and just change the “From” information on the Bank side when entering the next payment from a student. Unfortunately, the “Pay to” in the Student Account does not change when the “From” payee is changed.

It would be great if there was a preference setting that could be chosen that would force the “From” and “Pay To” to both change when on of them is edited.

The payee is also an item stored per split (in the very old days of the project this used to be different but there was a requirement to support different entries per split).

I just tried what happens in the current development (master) version and changing the payee of a transfer in the transaction editor changes the payee information for both splits (so basically what you are looking for). You can still have different names but need to edit the other side of the transaction in the split editor.