Few issues with the latest Master


I installed the latest master and noticed a few issues. Not sure if they’re known to the developers but I’ll list them here.

Insalled: kmymoney-master-3139-windows-cl-msvc2019-x86_64
Platform: Windows

1- When I open KmyMoney, the Home dashboard does not display automatically. It shows up later after I change some data and click save. But this is what the home screen look like after you open:

2- The “Settings → Configure KmyMoney” window is empty. And you have to click twice to open it.

3- When you open a new Ledger, the focus is on the first transaction, not the latest transaction. So you always have to scroll down.

4- In the Ledger, click on New Transaction, and the form will open at the lowest end of the page, so you have to scroll down to find the new transaction window.


When trying to duplicate the above (which I was able) I noticed, that the application window closes after loading the file without quitting the program. Using my test file I was only able to start the application using the -n option and that also did not work in all cases. Something, I have never noticed on my Linux environment.

A bit of investigation using dbgview++ shows

kmymoney.exe <process started at 08:20:37.011 has terminated with 0xc0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION)>

as the reason. No idea how to figure out where and why this happens due to missing development environment.

I don’t have this issue. My application never quits.

In the meantime we were able to address the problems you mentioned (and also the crash I encountered). If you want, take a look at the current version available (3166) or newer and provide more valuable feedback if you like.

Note: the crash when storing the configuration (either with OK or Apply) is known :slight_smile: and under investigation (since it does not happen on Linux at all).


I installed the Master “kmymoney-master-3173-windows-cl-msvc2019-x86_64.exe”

I see only number one above is fixed. I can see the dashboard on Open.

1- the preferences box is still empty.
2- The focus when you open the first ledger is still on the oldest transactions, then focuses on the current date when you open other ledgers.
3- The new transaction screen is still hidden at the very end of the page.

I now have a new issue, the system crashes when I try to enter a scheduled transaction from the ledger. Any action on Scheduled Transactions will cause a crash. I had to enter the next scheduled transaction from the dashboard.


Hello everyone.
I also have the Kmymoney configuration window empty.
I use the master version 3187 in appimage under GNU/Linux Manjaro.
The KDE version is 5.115.0.
QT is version 5.15.12.
My window manager is Xfce.

Hi, any updates about the Windows version issues?
Happy to test the new master. Last time I had to go back to the previous version so very worried about upgrading right now.

Any updates will almost certainly be posted here. I believe ipwizard is currently away for a while, so further work on this may not happen as quickly as we’d all like.

Hi all,

Do you have any updates about the Widows version?

1- Has the preferences window been fixed?
2- Can we enter a scheduled transaction from the ledger without errors?

I can’t test this myself because I no longer have a stable installation file.


A few fixes have been added in the meantime, for sure I know that 2) has been fixed with this commit. Since I personally never had a problem with 1) I can’t tell. I don’t use Windows, though.