Ffmpeg supports AMD H265 Hardware encoding. Why doesn't Kdenlive?

I’ve searched a while for a way to use the AMD gpu-accelerated H.265 codec for encoding and rendering, since H264 is supported, and NVENC has HEVC. The support of most ffmpeg codecs is advertised as one of the features of kdenlive, so why can’t I use HEVC with my AMD GPU?

I don’t know if Kdenlive really doesn’t support H.265 - but I’m sure I don’t want this format at all!!!
My powerful computer has problems with this codec and when I load my videos onto a stick to play them on a TV, this codec is completely unsuitable. I always prefer H.264 - I’m much freer there, even if the file is larger.
In short: don’t worry so much about H.265, maybe you don’t really need it.

Just modify the x264-vaapi profile and replace -codec:v h264_vaapi -g 1 -bf 0 -qp 26 with -codec:v hevc_vaapi -profile:v main -rc_mode CQP.

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oh hey, thanks jinliu, I’ll try that fix whenever I get the chance!