File name in Dolphin appeares in bold font


I have an MP3 file in my music library that appears in bold font. Originaly it was downloaded from Youtube using a Firefox extension. Why is it bold? How can I make other file show like that?


I would guess that the name of this file is written in Unicode characters that visually look like normal latin letters but in fact from a technical perspective they are not .
To correct this, just rename the file and type in the new file name by hand (don’t just copy/paste the old name).

If you want all files to be displayed with a bold font, I don’t think there is any other way than to select a bold one in Systemsettings β†’ Appearance β†’ Fonts.

Hi janr,

Thanks for answering.

I re-checked the clip in Youtube and its title is also in bold, so I guess the extension just copied it as it is. However, what I was looking for is a way to change the appearence in dolphin of selected files only and was wandering how this can be done manually.

Well you could convert certain filenames to β€œbold” unicode characters although this is pretty unclean.

What are you trying to achieve by bolding certain files? Would you like to identify them more easily later? If so you could try assigning a tag to those files in Dolphin.

It can be usefull not only in Dolphin. For example, this works in VS Code file explorer, which makes it pretty convenient to visually mark specific files in a workspace.

Copy the generated text and create a new file/folder with the copied text :wink: