File picker thumbnails

Is there a solution for this yet? File picker not showing thumbnails unless "show thumbnails’ pressed. Driving me nuts.

This is the method I found, annoyingly enough though it shows no thumbnail for videos and there isn’t an option to enable it

Also sorry for low quality image, I had to do some funky stuff to make all the images into just 1 bc this forum doesn’t allow me to upload more than 1 it seems

That’s dolphin. The issue is/was in the file picker. Seems fixed nowadays.

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Isn’t that intentional? It won’t show thumbnails until you tell it to. This has been the default setting for several years now, so either your distro undid that, or you turned it off yourself at some point.

Yes, I know. The issue was the setting got unchecked every time the file picker was used. It’s ok now.