Filenames are truncated in their middle to prioritize attribute display

Why, and can this be disabled? For me, the filename is usually much more important than its size, for instance. This doesn’t occur to any alternative attributes - comments can be ridiculously long, but not be truncated, so I fail to understand why filenames are.

It renders “Automatic Column Widths” useless for me.

What “attribute”?

It prioritizes the start and end, truncates middle. Ie how it is sorted and the file type.
What would you suggest it truncates?

“Size” is a different field and has nothing to do with “name”

I have no idea what you mean with “comments can be long”. These are files, you are using dolphin.

You can reduce the width of your panels to give more space for the main view.

Or open the Screenshots folder and reduce horizontal space used because of the expanded folders, or hide the size column, they are many ways.

Plus since you use the information panel, you have the file name displayed there.

@meven, that doesn’t actually change anything - it appears to be that over a certain length, specifically the name panel doesn’t enlarge in order to display alternative attributes:

That’s the primary issue - long filenames become problematic with automatic column resize enabled.

If you want all of those attributes, switch to non-automatic column width and adjust.

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@meven, I’m doing that, but the entire raison d’être for the automatic column width adjustment feature is so that I don’t have to. It’s worked on Windows 7-11’s explorer.exe.

I suppose we could have automatic column width not minimizing so drastically the name column when the columns cannot fit in the view width but rather try to get its best width preventing eluding names. It might be complicated though since that means the width would change frequently depending on files being displayed.

At the moment it can’t do that, feel free to report a bug.

You can have view settings per-folder btw, so you don’t display “artist” column in the same folders as you’d want “word count”, or " for instance. I don’t understand your need to display so many columns that essentially waste vertical space most of the time. What it displays is available in the information panel.

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