Finger print for Plasma Lockscreen

My system boots to SDDM and I am able to use my finger print to login, and to my understanding when my system is idle and goes to a lock screen, this uses Plasma Lockscreen.

Two quesitons:

  1. SDDM forces me to use my finger print to login, although I can type my password, when I press enter it then tells me to use my finger print. How can I make it accept a password when typed in, and request finger print if no text is used in the password (but enter is pressed) please?
  2. How can I enable finger print to unlock the plasma lockscreen?

Many thanks.

Thanks for your reply @multiverse, unforutnately it doesn’t seem to have made a difference.
My sddm file currently looks like this (I’ve tried the line you suggest at the top of the file too, and also split it up but it all remains the same)

I also created the kde-plasma file as I didn’t have this, and put in the suggestion there, but it still only requests a password to unlock the screen.

I am 100% sure SDDM is being used as originally I just added “auth sufficient” to the top of the file when I got the finger print reader working, and this started the allow me to use my finger print.
But when connected to my desk monitor I close my laptop and would prefer to type only my password.

I’ll maybe check with the distro. I have had it working before under Kubuntu, but on CachyOS now.