Firefox 127 deb update on KDE Neon (dep conendrum with rustc)

Hi there!

I was worried to see that on KDE Neon (Jammy Flavor) Firefox wasn’t updated to the latest 127 (out for almost a week).

Investigating, I saw that on the Mozilla PPA, the FF 127 build failed because of a missing dependency for the latest Rust (1.76): see launchpad of the mozillateam (I cannot include links).

Unfortunately, I am not sure that Jammy will ever be updated to Rust 1.76: see on bugs of launchpad the bug 2052985 on rustc (I still cannot include links).

Will we be stuck at FF 126? (otherwise, it means that someone has to provide rustc-1.76 to Mozilla PPA). Would it be more secure to switch to the ESR version of FF (115)?

Of course, Flatpak and Snap of FF 127 are available. But, I rather not use any snap and to limit Flatpaks, and thus I was happy with the decision to use Mozilla PPA instead of the Ubuntu bloated Snap of FF.

Mozilla have their own repo as well - not their Ubuntu PPA. Maybe they have worked around this?
Probably need to undo the apt config neon sets for the PPA, maybe.

It works for me without doing this, so far. No new rust package is installed, so Mozilla must have worked around this, or something.

And there are their pre-built binaries as well. These self-update.

Also it looks like it will just take a little time for the new Rust to be backported to Jammy and other releases.

Unfortunately it is not moving much on rustc 1.76 side. And we all, Neon users, have an outdated FF version with disclosed security issues… Not ideal.

We certainly can install FF by other means, but most users may not even know that their FF is outdated.

Did this resolve itself? If not I suggest there is something broken on your own system, something preventing rust from being updated? Check your mirror? I got 127 when it was released, and everything was on time and on schedule. Even LibreWolf, which is prone to lagging behind for a week or so was updated properly. I am running Neon 6.1.2 User with Firefox 127.2.

Yes it is now solved, rustc has been updated and Firefox too. Nice!