Firefox extension : Plasma integration

If the Neon Firefox PPA mistakenly got this pre-release version, then the problem will fix itself in a few days when this becomes the current version.

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This is not by mistake but by design (and will happen again) - otherwise you are right, it could “fix itself” if the version is the culprit…

I run Tumbleweed, so I don’t know what version of Firefox Neon is giving its users. I do find it hard to believe they would push a pre-release version to everyone all the time. How would they expect any of the extensions to work?

Well it’s not KDE neon’s PPA but actually Mozilla’s.

If you have read all the posts and articles in the internet about how to get a Firefox .deb that were published when *Ubuntu replaced the .deb with the Firefox Snap :
99 out of 100 recommended to use this Mozilla Team PPA.
I consider this an unlucky and badly-researched suggestion for the “average” user due to the nature of this PPA (especially for *Ubuntu users as the Firefox installation from there can cause problems if the Snap is still installed additionally…).
The better choice has always been the .deb from like Debian suggests.

And I also don’t consider KDE neon a “distribution for the average user” (IMHO those people should better use TUXEDO OS if they want something similar).
That does not mean at all that I don’t like KDE neon and their work! In the contrary.