Firefox extension : Plasma integration

I just installed KDE Neon, and when I opened Firefox, a pop-up arrived on my taskbar telling me to go install the Firefox extension “Plasma Integration” but this one does not work and displays a error: “check that you have installed plasma-browser-integration”, and I checked, it is installed!
I don’t understand why it doesn’t work…

I believe there version of Firefox has a extension to work with Plasma-Integration. I would go into extensions in Firefox and remove it. I’ve never been a fan of integrating the desktop with the internet in any OS.


Do you mean this?

Here with openSUSE Leap 15.5.

Yes it’s the Plasma Integration firefox extension


You could try de-installing the Firefox Extension – exiting Mozilla Firefox – opening Mozilla Firefox again – and then, from the Mozilla Store, reinstalling the KDE Plasma Integration.

  • I suggest that, you search for “KDE Plasma Integration” in the Mozilla Store – only 2 items appear for me – the Plasma Integration plug-in (about 58 thousand users) and, something else for Ubuntu with only a few hundred users.

Just uninstall the extension and then go into System Settings and make sure it’s unchecked there.