Firefox fails to log into GMail with KDE Neon 23-10-25

Can log into GMail with Firefox on Vivaldi, on MX Linux, on Windows but not on KDE Neon’s latest iterations.

Never happened to me before.

Maybe Firefox 119 (default at install) doesn’t agree with KDE Neon?

p.s. just saw 23.10.26 iso on MajorGeeks - maybe issue has been resolved.

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This doesn’t seem like a KDE specific issue, nor a Neon one really. Is this still an issue?

To be honest, tried installing KDE Neon twice to see if it was only a glitch.
Both occasions, different .iso was used.
Problem occurred in both instances.

While not wanting to privilege MX Linux in any way over KDE Neon…
Have installed its KDE iteration twice, and in both instances, login into Gmail was a no brainer.

I had this issue too but I suspect it’s an issue of Firefox 119. I had similar issues with Firefox on other ubuntu based distributions too.

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Firefox 119 was my suspicion too.

An issue of ad blocker having issues with Youtube blocking Firefox 119 on Windows does not happen on MX KDE (presently using), nor with Vivaldi (used on both systems).

Was able to log into Gmail today with KDE Neon unstable. Ha!

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