Firefox KDE Wayland cursor glitch

After updating to plasma 6 on Arch, I’m running into an issue with the cursor. Seemingly randomly, when hovering the cursor over a hyperlink it will be offset by like 20 pixels to the left. It also has this same offset at times when trying to highlight text, which is extremely difficult since it’s offset from where I’m dragging, but not where I clicked. I haven’t noticed it happening with anything else except for Firefox and don’t really use any other web browsers. I don’t know how to reproduce it. It just randomly seems to happen until I change window focus or resize the window. I read a similar report on x11 with the cursor, but this was supposedly fixed in 6.0.2 so I don’t think it’s related to that. I wasn’t sure if this was a bug, or what might be going on and was hoping someone might have some suggestion for me.

Is firefox running on wayland or on X11/Xwayland?

Firefox is running on wayland

Are you using the default cursor theme?
Did you make any changes to the mouse cursor configuration (such as change in size)?
Are you using display scaling (under System Settings → Display Configuration)?

yeah default cursor settings, nothing scaled or any size changes

Someone on reddit suggested that changing the GTK application style (under System SettingsAppearanceApplication StyleConfigure GNOME / GTK Application Style) to something other than Breeze might help with the problem, or at least change that behavior. Can you see if that makes any difference?

I’ll give that a shot and change the gtk theme and see what happens. I’ll just update this thread if I don’t experience it over the next day since I’m not really sure what causes it and it happens intermittently.

So yeah after trying these, it still occurs randomly. No idea how to reproduce it.

I think that in this case you should open a ticket with Mozilla - they probably have better facilities to track this issue down.

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