Firefox tooltips are persistent and show up on top of other windows

I have had this issue for a while but learned to ignore it for the most part hoping that it will get resolved at some point on it’s own. But, alas, that hasn’t yet happened.

The issue is shown in the following screenshot:

There are two windows: Firefox in the background and Vivaldi at the top. My mouse point hovered over the Calendar icon in Firefox and the tooltip appeared. The issue is that it never disappears! The only way to make it disappear is to hover over an empty space in Firefox window. If I hover over some other region on the Firefox window that has an icon or something, a new tooltip will appear and not disappear.

Is there a solution for this issue?

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I also have this issue when hovering over an element in Firefox that has a tooltip and switching applications. When the tooltip has appeared and you switch to another foreground application (that isn’t Firefox) using Alt+Tab for instance, the tooltip doesn’t disappear until you mouse over it.

I use LibreWolf, but the bug must be the same in Firefox, as you confirm.

It’s been like that for almost two years now. I have no idea what’s causing it, or how to fix that.

I think this is just another manifestation of the same issue reported here. There seems to be no resolution, except that the bug may be specific to X11 sessions. I am currently using X11 and cannot switch to Wayland :frowning:

At least on my end, I see the bug on Wayland as well :frowning: I’ll sometimes get “ghost” tooltips from Firefox/LibreWolf on my desktop, and it takes some wrangling with hovering over something else in the browser to get rid of it.

I’m having this same problem on GNOME on both x11 and wayland, and I’ve noticed that thunderbird does the same thing. Good to know others are having this problem too. Sounds like it might be a firefox bug.