First Project: Multi-Monitor Wallpaper Spanning

Hi everyone,

I’m going to be having a little more free time coming up soon, and decided it might be fun to try and implement multi-monitor wallpaper spanning in plasma 6!
See : Bug 393781 wallpaper cannot span multiple screens.

The lack of this feature has been a pet “niggle” of mine with plasma ever since I started using linux around a year ago, as my main pc has an unusual vertical + ultrawidescreen setup. This makes having identical/similar wallpapers on each monitor look a bit silly. GNOME, XFCE and other DE’s have had this feature for a while, and it seems to just be a “no-one implemented it yet!” thing rather than “it breaks everything” according to Nate here.

I’m working through setting up my development environment in Arch Linux and have done some initial scouting around of the source code here and here.
I confess though I’m no expert in c++, though I do have a little bit of coding experience in python/matlab/c and am willing to learn! The last developer working on this bug was unable to continue the work, hence my ambitions.

If someone more proficient in KDE development/wallpaper systems could point me in a few useful directions with respect to existing work on this issue, or even just documentation/advice on how to best get started, I would be very grateful!