Fix google akonadi integration and syncing problems

Bugs concerned:

I’d be willing to chip in $50 to someone who fixes this (set of) problem(s).

Problems I have with the contacts component:
I have a pretty big address list on google (over 2.000 contacts). The problems are:

  • Some of them don’t show up in kontact/kaddressbook at all.
  • Edits I do in kontact don’t get synced to Google.
  • Groups support doesn’t really work (I cannot add a contact to a group in kaddressbook or remove it from a group).
  • In akonadiconsole, my google resources are often seen stuck/frozen at places - like "changing xxx (0%) forever. Restarting/Syncing etc. doesn’t do anything.

In the calendar component, events and tasks I change in korganizer don’t get synced to google calendar.

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