Flatpak integration with Plasma

Hi, since a few months ago, I’ve tried to use Flatpak apps on my computer, but I had some issues with them for some reason.

  • First, I’ve installed Unity Hub with Flatpak, and it didn’t notice that I had Visual Studio Code installed with APT. I don’t know if I have to install both of them with Flatpak to make it work or if it’s just a bug.

  • Second, every single Flatpak I’ve used that opens the default browser, for some reason, changes the key storage that that browser uses (in this case Brave). I have installed Brave from APT, and every time a Flatpak app opens it, it uses another keyring, causing to close every single open session in the browser

So, my question is: is there any way to use a good Flatpak integration with installed APT packages like some config file or something? Or is it just that I’m using Flatpak in the wrong way?

Note: I haven’t experienced these issues with Gnome

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